Dubai Shopping Trips

Dubai, the shopping paradise in the Middle East, invites all kinds of people to its lap with varieties of shopping options. Best bargaining and the duty and tax free sale make Dubai shopping the best leisure and profitable activity. You can make best deals in shopping if you follow certain Dubai shopping tips. Make sure that you do good homework before venturing out for shopping in Dubai. You can get amazing discounts in all goods during the annual Dubai shopping carnival held usually during January. During this period you can enjoy discounts even in air fares and in hotels.

trip to dubai shopping mall

The prime features of attractions in Dubai shopping include not only the discounted sales but also the enthusiasm among the shoppers to welcome you. Dubai malls are all breathtakingly glossy, fully air-conditioned, equipped with all types of amenities including eateries, valet parking, beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens, beautiful illuminations and many more to make the shopping in Dubai a real lifetime experience.

dubai madinat jumeirah souk

Real Dubai awaits you in the souks, the traditional Arabic market places. Gold souks are the best shopping attraction in Dubai. There are many world renowned Gold souks in Dubai and one among them is the gold souk in Deira, located at the close proximity of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This traditional market sells all types of commodities, but the enthusiastic shoppers shop for gold here. You can go through the souks to view the amazing gold ornaments, the vintage styles to the most modern state of the art designs in Gold jewelries. Some people are travelling to Dubai just for shopping. If you would like to organize yourself Dubai shopping trip, you should look for some properties for rent. It could be more cheaper solution than staying in a hotel. Even if you are not inclined to buy, it would be worth while to enjoy the views of imposing collections.

Dubai Airport duty free shop

Now let us see what the important Dubai shopping tips are when one should keep in mind while exploring the Dubai malls.

  • Make a list of items to be purchased. This list is very essential since when you see the amazing products displayed in the Dubai shops, you will be tempted to buy it. This can lead to thinning of your wallet even before you buy the items you want necessarily.
  • Make a table of the expected prices of the items. You can get these details from your knowledge, or from searching the internet online stores. This will help you a lot while bargaining the prices in the Dubai shops.
  • Check the possibility of bargaining in the shopping malls. You can bargain hard in many shops. If bargaining is allowed, make sure that you would be bargaining as much as possible.
  • You have to make sure that the merchandises you buy from the Dubai shopping malls are of high quality and come from original brands. There are no doubts that majority of items in the Dubai shops are genuine. But it is your duty to see that you get quality items.
  • When you visit gold souks, you should be very careful about the purity of the yellow metal. In fact the cost of the gold ornament depends purely on the purity and the weight of the gold, the way the item is made whether handcrafted or by machines. Since Dubai has strict laws to assure the authenticity and purity of the gold, you need not worry much about the quality and purity.
  • Do not appear to be interested much in an item, while bargaining for the best deal. You need not feel shy about bargaining. If the shopper finds your inclination towards it, he will try to sell the items to you in a higher price. So be patient, calm and casual while shopping.

Please follow the above Dubai Shopping Tips to get great deals in shopping in Dubai.