Flights to Dubai

Are you looking for United Arab Emirates flights? Well, you can use plenty of companies that provides Dubai flights. Choose what class you want to travel – a charter flight, first class seating or good old economy class. If you book your flight to Dubai quite early, the prices will be less than last minute flight. So, to book your United Arab Emirates flight quite cheap, just do it as fast as possible. The prices a very different. The cost of UAE flights from United Kingdom varies approximately from 288 pounds to almost 430 pounds. It depends which class and which company you want to travel with. Below are some of the best airfares to Dubai, United Arab Emirates that are currently available from London Airports. The cheapest company that provides London-Dubai flights is Air France but the flight starts from Gatwick Airport. The night flights to Dubai are even cheaper. The flight offers from Heathrow can be much more expensive, the difference could reach even 100 pounds for economy class. Don’t use Omar Airlines to get to Dubai – their prices cost way to much and the planes are quite old fashioned. I think that the best price/quality rating has got the British Airways with 315 pounds for return ticket in economy class. The British Airways has got the newest fleet that starts from London’s Airports. I can hardly recommend you this company. If you want to travel Business Class you have to pay much more. The cheapest business class to Dubai costs over 600 pounds – but you are sure that comfort of travel will be high.

Dubai cheap flights