Where to stay in Dubai?

When you are going to Dubai, no matter it is a business trip or just holidays, you need to have a place to stay in. There are plenty of places in Dubai where you can stay for only one night or for whole month. Together with building boom in Dubai, the accommodation places market has increased dramatically. There is no problem to find something than fits you the most. You can book a Hotel – for short visits, or rent an apartment – if you want to stay longer. All you need is to decide how much you want to spend for a single night in Dubai. If you are looking something for some night that is relatively cheap, I can recommend you to book a hotel in Dubai. There are plenty of Internet services where you can find the best hotel deals. The cheapest two star hotels costs around 100$ – for example Ibis Hotel Dubai. If you want to spend some more, and have an unforgettable night in Dubai, you can stay in 6 star Burj Al Arab where prices starts from $1300 for one night. You know what you are paying for, you can have there everything you desire, including the best escorts. It is the world first hotel that is featured by 6 stars. Many famous people are confessed that it is the best hotel in the world in this city of sin, “Las Vegas of the middle east”.

So in Dubai you can find a wide range of hotels from 2 to 6 star – as well as for couples, families or business trips. If you want to stay some longer in Dubai, the best way to do it will be to rent an apartment. There are lots of offers in the Internet where you can find plenty great rental offers. The best deals for apartments for rent in Dubai are on Dubai Property Group site. I can really recommend you this service. There are hundreds of rental offers in all Dubai provinces – Palms, future Waterfront or Dubai Marina. You can find there small apartments for rent for longer business trips as well as big villas for rent where you can spent a holiday with your family. Only price is the limit. Renting a house or apartment you will pay much less than in the hotel, but to rent a house you have to realize that you need to stay for longer. Shorter rentals can be unprofitable in fact of the entry fee. But if you want to spend only a weekend in Dubai, renting an apartment is not a good idea. So the accommodation is Dubai is easy to find and it only depends from the level of luxury and how much you want to spend for it.