Mystical Dubai

mystical dubai

The Dubai tourist season is welcoming all of you to this marvelous place to have fun filled days and nights. Dubai is an exquisite place where the travelers are given maximum respect and all kinds of praise worthy hospitality to make their living comfortable. To enjoy the beauty of Dubai and to reveal mystical Dubai, you need to be careful about certain things. If you plan perfectly, the travel in this eye feasting city will be memorable and enjoyable.

Mystical Dubai

1. Prime item to be noted is the reputation of the tour agents. You should book your tours only with an experienced and reputed tour company. You have to go through their website. They will offer private tours as well as group tours. You should compare the rates offered by various agencies, but you have to keep in mind that cheaper rate alone cannot be considered to get good service. Cheap rate sometimes make you to compromise in standards/services. Always plan tour with reputed companies and be cautious especially about Desert Safari tours/ Dinner Dhow Cruises.

2. It is true that you will require a good guide in showing you around. You should hire only a LICENCED Local Guide. If you are in a private tour, you will get enough freedom to select your guides and also you will have many options to plan the tours. You can plan well in advance and select the perfect guide. You can ask him to email the copy of his valid license so that you can verify it. Dubai Tourism Department issues the official licenses to the guides and in case of any problem, you can always approach the tourism department for reprieve. Local tour guides can assist you in many ways to make your travel comfortable. They can arrange tours like Desert Safari/ Dinner Dhow, etc.

3. It is better to go for guided tours in reputed travel companies. One among them is the Big Bus Company. It is a good option to see the tourist spots; they assist you with guided commentary.

mystical dubai

You can also explore to reveal Mystical Dubai by your own. You require a well designed tourist map with you. Guide books and maps can help you to move around. You can use taxi cabs or Dubai metro. This exploration will surely cost you more and you may become exhausted after few days travel and searching by your own. Also in this process, there are great chances of missing out important praise worthy tourist attractions in Dubai. There is no doubt; Dubai is an imposing tourist destination welcoming with rose petals. It has fascinating history, traditional extravaganzas and worthy culture. It is really a fun place to enjoy the vacations.

Skiing in U.A.E. – Ski Dubai Resort

It’s a wonder really! Do you have any idea of real snow skiing in Dubai? Nobody will ever think about a skiing experience in a desert. You may think that we are talking about sand dune skiing. Really not, we talk here about snow skiing in Dubai. It is a truth, Ski Dubai Resort offer really wonderful experience of snow-covered-hills skiing!


Dubai as a tourist destination with world class pleasure filled activities has become a hot spot for many extraordinary activities and attractions. Ski Dubai is one of such favorite hot spot in the tourism arena of Dubai. It is the indoor Ski dome established in the sides of the world known Mall of the Emirates. The Ski Dubai is a really worth place to visit and get the awesome experience of real skiing. The Ski Dubai Resort is the first of its kind all over the Middle East. This praise worthy resort offers facilities to simply play inside the snow-covered dome, toboggan and a chance to snowboard apart from real snow skiing.


Dubai Ski dome is located at a perfect location just behind the world renowned The Kempinski Hotel. You can view the majestic dome of the Ski Dubai Resort like a white tubular anomaly from the front of the Mall of the Emirates. The guests spending their vacations for a minimum of two nights in The Kempinski Dubai Hotels receive special discounts on Dubai skiing.


The Ski Dubai Resort maintains a temperature of 30.2 degrees Fahrenheit during the days and 21.2 degrees Fahrenheit during nights when the snows are formed for the next day’s enjoyments. The resort offers you all required gears and dressings, winter clothing, ski, and snowboards, for a comfortable skiing experience on the snow covered dome. You need not pack winter clothing while going for Ski Dubai Resort!


There five independent run which have varied difficulty levels of skiing. These runs vary in height, steepness and challenges. The longest and difficult run in the Ski Dubai is more than 200 feet steep and 1300 feet long. There is a 300 feet quarter pipe for those adventurers who want to practice the skiing tricks. For visitors who do not like to go for steep and high skiing experiences, the Snow park in Dubai Ski Resort will be interesting and enjoyable. Snow Park has an exquisite area of more than 30,000 square feet of snow-covered region for fun filled activities.


There are many facilities and amenities for the visitors in Ski Dubai Resort. If you are amazed by the ski resort in Dubai, maybe you think that this city would be great place to live in, so maybe you should start looking for properties for sale. I can assure you buying real estate in dubai could be also a fantastic investment. The Snow Pro retail shop, children’s party room, change rooms and lockers, two cafes and professional instructors are major facilities available here. You can enjoy the shopping experience in the nearby Mall and have the five star stay in the Kempinski Hotel. After the amazing day out in Ski Dubai Resort, if you feel not tired, you can have a visit to Jumeirah Beach for a leisurely dip.


Dubai Shopping Trips

Dubai, the shopping paradise in the Middle East, invites all kinds of people to its lap with varieties of shopping options. Best bargaining and the duty and tax free sale make Dubai shopping the best leisure and profitable activity. You can make best deals in shopping if you follow certain Dubai shopping tips. Make sure that you do good homework before venturing out for shopping in Dubai. You can get amazing discounts in all goods during the annual Dubai shopping carnival held usually during January. During this period you can enjoy discounts even in air fares and in hotels.

trip to dubai shopping mall

The prime features of attractions in Dubai shopping include not only the discounted sales but also the enthusiasm among the shoppers to welcome you. Dubai malls are all breathtakingly glossy, fully air-conditioned, equipped with all types of amenities including eateries, valet parking, beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens, beautiful illuminations and many more to make the shopping in Dubai a real lifetime experience.

dubai madinat jumeirah souk

Real Dubai awaits you in the souks, the traditional Arabic market places. Gold souks are the best shopping attraction in Dubai. There are many world renowned Gold souks in Dubai and one among them is the gold souk in Deira, located at the close proximity of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This traditional market sells all types of commodities, but the enthusiastic shoppers shop for gold here. You can go through the souks to view the amazing gold ornaments, the vintage styles to the most modern state of the art designs in Gold jewelries. Some people are travelling to Dubai just for shopping. If you would like to organize yourself Dubai shopping trip, you should look for some properties for rent. It could be more cheaper solution than staying in a hotel. Even if you are not inclined to buy, it would be worth while to enjoy the views of imposing collections.

Dubai Airport duty free shop

Now let us see what the important Dubai shopping tips are when one should keep in mind while exploring the Dubai malls.

  • Make a list of items to be purchased. This list is very essential since when you see the amazing products displayed in the Dubai shops, you will be tempted to buy it. This can lead to thinning of your wallet even before you buy the items you want necessarily.
  • Make a table of the expected prices of the items. You can get these details from your knowledge, or from searching the internet online stores. This will help you a lot while bargaining the prices in the Dubai shops.
  • Check the possibility of bargaining in the shopping malls. You can bargain hard in many shops. If bargaining is allowed, make sure that you would be bargaining as much as possible.
  • You have to make sure that the merchandises you buy from the Dubai shopping malls are of high quality and come from original brands. There are no doubts that majority of items in the Dubai shops are genuine. But it is your duty to see that you get quality items.
  • When you visit gold souks, you should be very careful about the purity of the yellow metal. In fact the cost of the gold ornament depends purely on the purity and the weight of the gold, the way the item is made whether handcrafted or by machines. Since Dubai has strict laws to assure the authenticity and purity of the gold, you need not worry much about the quality and purity.
  • Do not appear to be interested much in an item, while bargaining for the best deal. You need not feel shy about bargaining. If the shopper finds your inclination towards it, he will try to sell the items to you in a higher price. So be patient, calm and casual while shopping.

Please follow the above Dubai Shopping Tips to get great deals in shopping in Dubai.

Dubai Cruises – fantastic travel opportunity

Dubai Cruises offer fantastic travel opportunities with entertainment and dynamic activities. Dubai is a popular destination which offers mind blowing fun filled activities with a perfect mix of modern and traditional ingredients of culture and entertainment. It is just usual for travelers to the Middle East to have a halt at the majestic city of Dubai. This luxurious location is popular for shopping. The vibrant day and night leisure activities in Dubai are really worth mentioning. You can hire one of asian escorts in Dubai to make your trip even better.

dubai cruises

Dubai Cruises offer incredible travel opportunities to explore the great attractions in Dubai including the traditional and historical buildings in Dubai. One can also visit the hot spots such as the 18th century Al Fahdi Fort and the Dubai Museum. Also the travelers can enjoy the eye catching views of courtyard houses and amazing twisting lanes in the district of the Bastakiya.

Travel House-Boat Dubai Cruises

One of the prime attractions is the home of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum (ruler in early 20th century). This encloses a museum with variety of exhibitions and marvelous collections of many valuable handicrafts and artifacts. Also the cruisers can explore the majestic busy traditional markets for grandeur shopping. The sprawling shopping malls and the most modern merchandises offer memorable shopping experiences in this grandeur location. Variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, parlors and boutiques offer the most wanted cuisines and shopping items.

go to dubai - cruise

Amazing skyscrapers including the tallest man made structure the Burj Dubai and eye feasting architectural beauty the Burj Al Arab hotel, located offshore resembling a huge boat sail), are all impressive and remarkable. There are many imposing and entertaining public gardens and parks for Dubai cruisers. There are also many theme parks such as the 18-hectare WonderLand for making the tour in Dubai a memorable event. The Dubai sand dunes offer grandeur thrilling experiences of safari. One can also enjoy the eye pleasing Palm Islands and can go for an amazing boat trip around this artificial island. Come and Enjoy Dubai Cruises.

Dubai Accommodation – Mayfair Hotel

Mayfair Hotel is located in the heart of Dubai. This hotel welcomes as well businessman as leisure travellers. Near this nice hotel are placed the local attractions like the Clock Tower and Al Ghurair shopping centre. Mayfair Hotel provides guests with a range of facilities for a pleasant holiday. It has got very elegant guestrooms are decorated with taste in Arabian style. Exquisite furnishings will make your stay more comfortable. I was staying in this hotel during business trip and I can assure everybody that this hotel is the one of the finest places to stay in Dubai. Here’s the specification of Mayfair Hotel in Dubai:


  • Business facilities:
  • Internet
  • Conference Rooms
  • Secreterial Service


  • Hotel facilities:
  • Room Service
  • Free airport transfers
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Reception desk
  • Tour desk
  • Leisure facilities:
  • Fitness Center
  • Indoor Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna


  • Room facilities:
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cable television
  • Tea/coffee facilities
  • Telephone
  • Hairdryer
  • Mini-bar
  • Safe free of charge
  • Private bathroom with bath/shower
  • Restaurant:
  • Enjoy dining at the Lagenda Malaysian & Chinese Restaurant in a comfortable atmosphere.

Where to stay in Dubai?

When you are going to Dubai, no matter it is a business trip or just holidays, you need to have a place to stay in. There are plenty of places in Dubai where you can stay for only one night or for whole month. Together with building boom in Dubai, the accommodation places market has increased dramatically. There is no problem to find something than fits you the most. You can book a Hotel – for short visits, or rent an apartment – if you want to stay longer. All you need is to decide how much you want to spend for a single night in Dubai. If you are looking something for some night that is relatively cheap, I can recommend you to book a hotel in Dubai. There are plenty of Internet services where you can find the best hotel deals. The cheapest two star hotels costs around 100$ – for example Ibis Hotel Dubai. If you want to spend some more, and have an unforgettable night in Dubai, you can stay in 6 star Burj Al Arab where prices starts from $1300 for one night. You know what you are paying for, you can have there everything you desire, including the best escorts. It is the world first hotel that is featured by 6 stars. Many famous people are confessed that it is the best hotel in the world in this city of sin, “Las Vegas of the middle east”.

So in Dubai you can find a wide range of hotels from 2 to 6 star – as well as for couples, families or business trips. If you want to stay some longer in Dubai, the best way to do it will be to rent an apartment. There are lots of offers in the Internet where you can find plenty great rental offers. The best deals for apartments for rent in Dubai are on Dubai Property Group site. I can really recommend you this service. There are hundreds of rental offers in all Dubai provinces – Palms, future Waterfront or Dubai Marina. You can find there small apartments for rent for longer business trips as well as big villas for rent where you can spent a holiday with your family. Only price is the limit. Renting a house or apartment you will pay much less than in the hotel, but to rent a house you have to realize that you need to stay for longer. Shorter rentals can be unprofitable in fact of the entry fee. But if you want to spend only a weekend in Dubai, renting an apartment is not a good idea. So the accommodation is Dubai is easy to find and it only depends from the level of luxury and how much you want to spend for it.

Flights to Dubai

Are you looking for United Arab Emirates flights? Well, you can use plenty of companies that provides Dubai flights. Choose what class you want to travel – a charter flight, first class seating or good old economy class. If you book your flight to Dubai quite early, the prices will be less than last minute flight. So, to book your United Arab Emirates flight quite cheap, just do it as fast as possible. The prices a very different. The cost of UAE flights from United Kingdom varies approximately from 288 pounds to almost 430 pounds. It depends which class and which company you want to travel with. Below are some of the best airfares to Dubai, United Arab Emirates that are currently available from London Airports. The cheapest company that provides London-Dubai flights is Air France but the flight starts from Gatwick Airport. The night flights to Dubai are even cheaper. The flight offers from Heathrow can be much more expensive, the difference could reach even 100 pounds for economy class. Don’t use Omar Airlines to get to Dubai – their prices cost way to much and the planes are quite old fashioned. I think that the best price/quality rating has got the British Airways with 315 pounds for return ticket in economy class. The British Airways has got the newest fleet that starts from London’s Airports. I can hardly recommend you this company. If you want to travel Business Class you have to pay much more. The cheapest business class to Dubai costs over 600 pounds – but you are sure that comfort of travel will be high.

Dubai cheap flights